Comic Update: 金曜日の天使

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Was surprised that so many people liked the last comic. Well sorry guys! I’M GONNA RUN THIS SHIT INTO THE GROUND.

(Don’t worry, there’s only one left…)

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11 Responses to Comic Update: 金曜日の天使

  1. RatixL says:

    Tina with glasses, fuck yeah! And by that same logic Anno is hot as well.

  2. woot says:

    Man, those body proportions are, like, totally wrong.


  3. Hello! says:

    Shows how close the two are that Rets is letting it all hang out and there’s no reaction from either of them.

  4. wah says:


    Care to help me out? I won’t get better unless you list specifics! Constructive criticism, please!

  5. AkuT says:

    I believe that Rets’ and Tina’s heads in panel 1 look too large in comparison with the rest of their bodies.

  6. ReynaldoRiv says:

    Whoa, super deformed in panel one!! Two things strike me immediately.

    First off the heads are too large for the bodies. Tina gets away with it since she is dressed and the cloth kinda helps obscure her actual shape and her whole body isn’t on screen so that helps the illusion, Rets however is nude and we can very clearly see what is and isn’t to proportion.

    Perhaps what is most jarring however is how painfully rectangular Rets’ body is. It looks kinda like you drew a rectangle with a head and then added some shading to give the illusion of a body.

    Perhaps a visit to this image will help for next time

  7. wah says:

    Yeah, I noticed the head size looking at it again. That’s been an issue of mine for a while.

  8. Icy-nee-san says:

    Oh man whats up with Ret’s body in panel 1. It’s so…. Rectangular? I don’t know, maybe I don’t stare enough at naked men…

  9. AkuT says:

    @Icy-nee-san’s staring comment

    I’m pretty sure that’s a problem that plagues most of us heterosexual males.

  10. RatixL says:

    If you want to get good at drawing the human figure, do like Ryoichi Ikegami and draw everybody naked. Their size, shape, or age means nothing, it’s all about drawing what’s there, which isn’t always pleasing to the eye.