Comic Update: Un nouveau son stereophonique extraordinaire!

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Anno living in Rets’ house has been a subject of past comics (done so long ago I don’t feel like looking for them, and I doubt anyone remembers) so I figured I’d just… do something about that. There are going to be two comics after this one, so it’ll be a good way to kill time during the slow winter season, I guess. I’ve had this idea on my mind for a while, but only got around to doing it now.

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13 Responses to Comic Update: Un nouveau son stereophonique extraordinaire!

  1. Hello! says:

    I don’t know if Anno actually IS in Rets’ house or if this is just his insane delusions brought upon by the stresses of life, his parents sort of disowning him, and his…fetishistic reverence for Anno.

    Brb watching Chaos;Head.

  2. RatixL says:

    I do recall Anno showing up while Rets was watching the Rebuild of Evangelion trailer…

    Still, now we need to have Char wake up and Rets making breakfast, nude apron style, no less!

  3. LORd says:

    Ahahaha oh my god. This is a thing of beauty.

  4. Halconnen says:

    @RatixL: That mental image will haunt me for the rest of the day.

  5. Zelkiiro says:

    Just another day in the Rets household!

  6. Magusman says:

    I admit: I chuckled. Good comic.

  7. Halconnen says:

    @RatixL: This’ll haunt me for the rest of THIS day, then. At the same time, it’s too awesome for me to complain about that. Rock on.

  8. Chateaubriand says:

    Why is this comic’s title in french?

  9. wah says:

    Well, that’s the rant title.

    Usually for rant titles I just quote songs or something–that line is sampled in the beginning of PIzzicato Five song.

  10. Chateaubriand says:

    Thanks for the answer.

  11. Dr. Who says:

    Why can’t I stop laughing after reading this!?

    A+, WAH