Comic Update: The Very First… Mistakes of Youth Guest Comic!!

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At long last, the first Mistakes of Youth guest comic! This comes to me by way of Twitter follower @RatixL. Thanks for the comic, really appreciate it! I was going to save this for a bit later, but I’ve had a bit of trouble getting things back up to speed, so I figured I’d use this to fill in for a week. It’s a lot better than anything I’ve ever done, that’s for sure!

Aside from that, we’re posting up a storm down at Analog Housou. Me, bonertown, and Seiya have all been weighing in on the new season, and have been updating daily for the past four days. Check it out!

That’ll be all for this week. See y’all later!

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10 Responses to Comic Update: The Very First… Mistakes of Youth Guest Comic!!

  1. Hello! says:


    Rets starts out looking cooler, then much much creepier, as opposed to original Rets who is somewhere in the middle of creepy cool depressed guy.

    Tina on the other hand seems nerdier. This is one heck of a guest comic.

    Also, I don’t advise you saying you’re going ANYWHERE with someone called bonertown. Ever.

  2. RatixL says:

    “It’s a lot better than anything I’ve ever done,” You can still do colors better than I can, so don’t be too humble, wah.

  3. Double says:

    I’ve never read this comic before, but I know the guy that did this guest page. That’s good enough reason to leave a comment, right?

  4. Azures says:

    man i hate it when that happens

  5. omo says:

    that was p. awesome ratixl

  6. Thomas says:

    To think that i just watched this episode of ‘Bakemonogatari’ last week… I still need to end it.

  7. Author says:

    Needs Tsunade (get it?)

  8. Ethereal Cheese says:

    That was friggen’ hilarious: Supernail, Pedobear’s sticky, vagina mouthed nemesis. Drawing Rets as a creepy eye-browed Bishie at the beginning was a little weird though.

  9. pp says:

    Well is good to have a change of art style once a while! But please get back to speed soon :P ..

  10. This looks like something from out of Uzumaki.