Comic Update: Happy Xmas 2010

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I liked the party last year, so I figure I’d do it again. It’s easy to do, and I like drawing people in formal wear. I don’t know who puts on this spectacular Christmas party–which is apparently too good to have Christmas decorations up, save for gigantic pine trees outside–or why they invite the people they do, but it must be a blast.

See you all later, and Happy Holidays.

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10 Responses to Comic Update: Happy Xmas 2010

  1. VZMkII says:

    I like the lady with the big tits in the first panel.

  2. elevated says:

    I’m trying to figure out who the two guys in the 3rd panel are. I feel I should know…

  3. Azures says:


  4. RatixL says:

    Yamakan is so posh, always making sure he has his pinky extended.

  5. kusanagiryu says:

    They are the guys from that Monster Hunter comic WAH did a few months back.

  6. Hello! says:

    Brad is freaky, Rets…seems depressed? and panel 3 has caused me to be creeped out at mall Santas now.

    Also I just noticed my water bottle smells like urine. That has nothing to do with anything, but my goodness it was surprising.

  7. That certainly did amuse me. Especially the final panel.

  8. Zelkiiro says:

    WAH, what are you doing at a fancy party?


  9. TheBigN says:

    Always Shinbo. Always.

    As already noted, enjoyed Yamakan with extended pinky while drinking (apparently) tea. And that he looks much calmer than he usually does here. Maybe that’s because he’s not talking here.

  10. Magusman says:

    This was a pretty fun comic. I liked your cameo at the end.