Comic Update: A World Without You

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Someone I know has a theory that a friend of mine is the inspiration for Tina. While this is not true, this time his words are the punchline for this comic. I find it amusing that in a culture in which all manner of otherwise innocent characters are raped in the minds of horny young men, a concept of certain characters being off-limits amuses me. Certainly, that doesn’t stop people from drawing Cardcaptor Sakura’s Sakura being raped by faceless men, and there’s already a slew of pictures depicting Ika Musume’s naked semen covered body; but there are people out there with standards. I think it’s a little funny to bring that kind of sentiment into a comic such as this, where generally nothing is sacred. Not super funny, but a little funny. I wasn’t shooting to high with this one.

Speaking of high, saying SoreMachi has a “huge” budget is kind of misleading. It has a huge budget for a SHAFT show, and as a result more or less moves like normal anime.

That’ll be all for this week. Let’s see if I can throw together a Christmas-themed comic by the 25th…

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13 Responses to Comic Update: A World Without You

  1. lvlln says:

    I get the feeling that Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru won’t get much fanart, like Natsu no Arashi.

  2. Horo says:

    Ika Musume is too pure to be violated. ;~;

  3. Zelkiiro says:

    This comic reminds me of the “Take those three frames and make them three THOUSAND!!” comic you did a while back.

  4. Hello! says:

    SHAFT does its best work while desperately drawing to reach deadlines and using a billion tricks to stretch their last 50 bucks into 3 episodes.

    SHAFT with money isn’t really SHAFT anymore.

  5. Annonym says:

    The ika-musume porn part made me laugh

  6. Hisui says:


    That said Tina I think is more a vessel for you to play off of but I can’t say that I am not ENORMOUSLY amused by my theory/joke. (40% theory/60% joke.)

    PS I know being amused by your own jokes is very lame.

  7. elevated says:

    A few days ago a friend and me had a conversation rather similar to this on the topic of Mitsudomoe and Hanamaru Porn

  8. Asrialys says:

    While I can’t say that I’ve ever looked for such content, it does seem that CLAMP characters (except from CCS and Chobits, for some reason) are hardly ever sexually depicted in doujinshi or fanart. The closest that comes to mind right away is Megami Magazine’s illustration of Angelic Layer’s Misaki in issue 118. She’s still in full school uniform, but she’s lying back on a bed with full zettai ryouiki in view, looking up at you.

  9. Ethereal Cheese says:

    Was somewhat intrigued by the older maid until I googled her picture. A little too wrinkled even for my jukujo tastes… Sill gonna watch the anime though.
    Really liked the first two panels, they looked perfect.

  10. Halconnen says:

    Ika Musume porn sounds like an even worse idea than Kobato porn, even. >_>

  11. TehShien says:

    . . .or Yotsuba porn, for that matter.

  12. Zelkiiro says:

    ^ Though, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more of Fuuka, if you catch my drift.

  13. CatzCradle says:

    Does Yotsuba YAOI count since it already exist??