Art: Hachikuji

Click for bigger.

I don’t really know what compelled me to do this. I may do something similar for the other characters if I have time.

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5 Responses to Art: Hachikuji

  1. VZMkII says:

    A lolly for the loli.

  2. Yuriko says:

    Oh my. You are getting really good. This pic is excellent colour me impressed.

  3. cosmosmith says:


    But seriously, I adore these, both the B&W and color versions. Her expression and pose are adorable =3

  4. kuroyuki says:

    Interesting take on Hachikuji. To me she comes off as being more mature than normal in this pic. I find the concept aged loli’s kind of funny.

  5. EcureuilMatrix says:

    Looking pretty hip and modern there, Hachikuji.

    Good job.

    (Time? Find some or make some!)