Comic Update: I’m a Believer

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News of the Strike Witches movie prompted this comic. It got me thinking of what kind of Strike Witches movie I’d really like to see (as opposed to what will actually get made, which will probably own anyways) and my mind immediately went to Dr. Strangelove. At first I was going to do a parody suggesting that the Strike Witches movie was going to be a Cold War thriller with strong allusions to Dr. Strangelove. Considering Strike Witches takes place in WWII, and Dr. Strangelove presumably takes place in the 1960s, I’d have to age all the girls by 20 years. But since I didn’t want to draw a 35 year old Miyafuji Yoshika, I instead opted to do the Strike Witches girls acting out scenes from Dr. Strangelove, more or less verbatim. Is it funny? Uh, I dunno, maybe. But I really like Dr. Strangelove, and I really like Strike Witches, so here you go!

When coming up with what character portrays who, I either tried to match them up according to personality, or find the polar opposite. I also took the various girls’ relationships with each other into consideration. While Miyafuji is nothing at all like the Russian prime minister, Perrine’s rivalry with Miyafuji is good setup for the fight between Turgidson and the prime minister. Gertrude isn’t that crazy, but she’s crazy enough to be Jack D. Ripper, I think. Lynette would probably have been more accurate choice for Mandrake considering her nationality, but Erica’s dynamic with Gertrude works better. Shirely as Commander Kong works, and Minna as Dr. Strangelove is pretty funny, I think. I was just going to use a screencap from the opening of the movie for the last panel, but I figured I needed Lynette in there some place, so I threw her at the last minute with a banana between her boobs.

While it’s far from perfect, I’m pretty happy with the art here. Sketching on the tablet is getting a bit easier, so I think I’ll just continue to do comics completely digitally from now on. It’ll save money on sketch pads and pencil lead, at any rate.