Comic Update: L O V E LUCKY LOVE

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I don’t really know what kind of point this comic is trying to make. Maybe it’s just to put things into perspective? I don’t know. I think it’s a little funny.

This is the first time I’ve done a comic completely digitally, start to finish. As a result, the size of the characters is a little out of whack since I did the sketching on the computer, and I don’t really have good sense of scale yet.

Anyway, things have been kind of busy over here at Mistakes of Youth HQ, but I’ll do my best to keep things running. There’s a bunch of stuff I want to do, as always, just a matter of doing it.


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14 Responses to Comic Update: L O V E LUCKY LOVE

  1. Rob says:

    I missed Brad. I missed him a lot.

  2. black87 says:

    Gotta love that reaction :D

  3. Author says:

    You know, it was actually funny. Also, the haircut owes a bit to Lt.Col. Wilcke.

  4. Hello! says:

    I thought the entire point of this comic is that, despite Brad’s trials and tribulations that cause us to empathize with him, he is STILL REALLY CREEPY.

    Sorry Brad, facts are facts, and crying while calling a little girl the greatest customer ever is just a bit creepy.

  5. Zelkiiro says:

    I think Brad is just happy that someone’s buying something relatively normal.

  6. Asa says:

    The girl is actually rather cute. I hope you reuse her occasionally in the future as an innocent bystander (maybe slowly corrupted by exposure to this world).

  7. Aaron says:

    Yeah, keep the girl. Somehow she seems a little creepy to me too. The way she was caressing the Naruto headband made me think it’s a fetish thing. Then again, maybe I’m reading too much into it… I love it when the character who looks the most innocent ends up being the raunchiest.

  8. I think the drawings are considerably better, Rets and Tina espeically, keep up the good work. I also like the fact you have an anime fan actually thanking someone for buying a Naruto headband, rather than just resisting the urge to beat them round the neck with it.

  9. Magusman says:

    I never thought of Brad as creepy. But good comic. I found it funny~

  10. theorist_pl says:

    this recalls me of The Legendary Girl A

  11. maurelius says:


    Made my day. That was a good panel. Thanks!

  12. Mossey says:

    Higashiyama Show is indeed awesome.