Fall 2010 Anime PART IV

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

Yeah, I know there’s already three (or four, I don’t know) episodes of this thing out already, but as of right now I’ve only managed to bring myself to watch one. For starters, what’s keeping me from watching any more of this are its ugly character designs: The girls all have weird faces, and everyone is pointy in a way I don’t especially like. It’s not my thing, you know? Similarly, the show’s very flamboyant aesthetic also bothers me. I know it’s purposely going for that kind of thing, but like I said, it’s just not my thing. Aside from that stuff, however, the show is very enthusiastic, has a ton of energy, is very well animated, and is actually pretty entertaining.

But the first episode was pure nonsense, and considering Bones is completely unable to write stories human beings can be entertained by, I doubt it’ll turn into anything worthwhile. I may give the next couple of episodes a shot, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do 25! And I really don’t like any of the designs at all.


Yeah, this is another girly one, but I think I can stomach it. It’s josei, and that kind of stuff usually works a bit better on me, but still doesn’t really inspire me much in any direction. The designs are pretty interesting, and go out of their way to realistically render bushy eyebrows on a female, which I appreciate in some way.

As for the actual content, it’s alright. All the girls are really exuberant fujoshi, but are maybe a bit too exuberant at times. Honestly, the first episode doesn’t really give me much to go on, but it’s pretty good, so I’ll be watching the rest.