Comic Update: Shiny Knight, Happy Child

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Alright, this was meant to go up on Sunday, but after buying a Nintendo DS along with a copy of Pokemon Soul Silver, other things I wanted to do were just not happening. But now the shiny glow of my new game has worn off, and I will no longer be playing it for three hours on end, so here is your NYAF/NYCC report. And that’s all there’s really going to be, since I didn’t do much. Hell, the con was so uneventful, I gave up podcasting with Sub after about 10 minutes of, “man, NYCC sure destroyed NYAF.” The one good part of the con was seeing the Haruhi movie, and I will probably try to write that up sooner rather than later–sooner being relative, that is.

Expect another rough comic like this up later this week. The news story it’s commenting on will already be old news when it goes up, but it needs to go up. Hopefully I’ll have a comic up for next weekend, but I can’t be sure. It isn’t drawn yet, but I’m going to try sketching it straight to the computer just to see if that makes things a bit faster. It’s getting closer to the point where I’d rather go all digital than waste money on pencil lead and sketch books that take up space.

Anyway, back to Pokemon.

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10 Responses to Comic Update: Shiny Knight, Happy Child

  1. Annubis says:

    Second panel is awesome.

  2. Hello! says:

    Haruhi guy is the best guy.

    Bow chika wow wow

  3. wah says:

    No, he is not the best anything. In fact, I am inclined to say that he is the WORST.

  4. elevated says:

    there was a guy just like that at the GAINAX panel…maybe it was him

  5. wah says:

    The GAINAX panel ran by V!! I hung around for a few minutes just to see what that dude was about, got severely bored, left.

  6. Azures says:

    Can you be one of those cool people who wear their pokewalkers everywhere?

  7. wah says:

    I keep it in my pocket :S

  8. Alex Leavitt says:

    I would be very happy to see more frequent updates in this quick-sketch style. :D

  9. elevated says:

    DDR+Pokewalker= leveling up in 5 minutes

  10. Sapph says:

    I was one of the girls squealing over Osamu Tezuka manga. Oh dear.