Comic Update: Spellbound

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Just got back from NYCC (with a side of NYAF.) Pretty tired. That’s all I got.

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9 Responses to Comic Update: Spellbound

  1. gangler says:

    No one could understand the plot. Classic.

  2. Satou says:

    Oh, everything stated in this comic is so true.

  3. Jennifu says:

    K-On! movie will be live action with real cute high school girl actresses playing realistically-written cute high school girls full of girl power and female empowerment and a dream of creating music, in a way that real cute high school girls will enjoy watching. Said real cute high school girls will become huge fans of K-On!, buy the tastefully-designed, non-otaku-targeted movie merchandise, decide to watch the anime, and save the industry forever.

  4. Hello! says:

    The K-On uniform doesn’t seem to fit Tina all that well. No idea why.

    They never really do that in anime, have character designs that just don’t seem to fit the costumes.

    Also, DO NOT WANT 2chan coffee. It will taste of bitter tears and regret.

  5. Jas says:

    Forgot the black thug rape.

  6. Zelkiiro says:

    …Is Tina pouring cappuccino all over herself in the last panel?

  7. dood says:

    @Zelkiiro: Boobs need coffee too !

  8. Kortir says:

    Ever so true. Sadly true on the part of the K-on doujin standpoint- you’ve got your percentages right. It was a pain in the ass sorting through Hendane’s K-on collection this year because of it. Well, that and the lolicon ban. Suck.

  9. Edward says:

    I like the outfit you put Tina in this comic.