NYAF Tomorrow!

I suppose I’m pretty late, but whatever. I’m going to be at NYAF/NYCC tomorrow doing not much of anything along with shoving a mic down people’s throats for potential podcast material. I’ll be wearing the Strike Witches hat, as usual, so if you see me say hello. I’ll be helping out at Vertical’s booth, so I’ll probably be there for part of the con. I have no real plans, but I will be seeing the Haruhi movie on Friday night.

See you there!

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4 Responses to NYAF Tomorrow!

  1. shindou says:

    yep, see you there. :D

  2. Corti says:

    I’d be heading down there tomorrow too if it wasn’t for the fact that they decided to stop selling Saturday tickets. Any idea if this happens every year?

  3. elevated says:

    cool, hopefully I’ll see you there.

  4. kgods says:

    Have a good time. I will be interested in hearing your opinions about the Haruhi film.