Kirumin was 50 episodes long (spoilers within)

Jeeze, Kirumin actually ran for 50 episodes! To be honest, I was expecting it to run a bit beyond that. I mean, we made it all the way to episode 40, and the girls had only just changed into their summer outfits. Their fall and winter outfits were cute, but I like to see more exposed skin, you know? So in that respect, it’s quite sad how the show ended so early.

There was however a less perverse reason as to why I thought the show would run longer than it did. As we were nearing the big five-zero, it didn’t look like things were going to wrap up! But then, out of nowhere, came pretty good multi-episode finale that tied up a lot of the main hanging plot threads. And to my surprise, it didn’t feel rushed at all. We finally figured out just what Mr. Futatsugi was up to, Kanon’s relationship with the Mikogami sisters, and Kanon’s grandfather made an appearance! Some things were intentionally left hanging, however. Parse’s true intentions were never really brought to light, and even though it’s totally obvious that the sisters’ bespectacled pet turtle Doctor is their grandfather, he transformed right at the very end, but the show cut off right before you could see who he is. Just the way I like it!

I’ve said my bit on Kirumin already, and my impressions remain largely unchanged. It’s a show that’s bursting with cuteness from every pore, from its cute designs, cute characters and cute stories. Despite being a kids show, the writing was consistently clever and funny enough to engage adults, which puts it above the likes of similar shows. The show was also consistently creative, with an unrelenting barrage of ridiculous plots, settings, and outfits.

Even though it had a healthy year-long run, I’m sad to see Kirumin go. Like most shows of its ilk, it was largely ignored by the US fansubbing masses, and never really got the attention it deserved. When I get back to Japan, I am definitely buying the DVDs.