Art: (R-18) Hanekawa Tsubasa

Don’t like how the face turned out. Composition didn’t turn out that great either.

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8 Responses to Art: (R-18) Hanekawa Tsubasa

  1. lvlln says:

    The composition and face look fine to me, but there’s something off about those hips… and those pelvic bones look like they’re too high or too wide or both.

  2. Heinsia says:

    Her stomach is horrible O_o If you’re not sure about that part’s anatomy, make it simple, her stomach totally looks like a woman’s after she gives birth once or twice, really saggy. And as lvlln said, those pelvic bones are too high. Her hands, feet are a little small compared to her body.

    The overall feeling is nice though, if you can fix those mistakes, it’d look like an official poster xD

  3. Jennifu says:

    It’s the foreshortening on the knee that sticks out most to me– it should be much thicker, unless her knees are totally spindly.

    Kinda nice that you’re drawing big curvy girls with some of ’em child-bearin’ hips, but in that case, you shouldn’t be able to see hip bones. That’s for them skinny bitches. Generally, you don’t see hip bones unless the person is at least slightly underweight.


  4. wah says:

    Hahaha, naw, it’s good.

  5. weeaboo says:

    remember the good old days when you argued with that one blog about how you watched the classics of anime and that other blog just destroyed your argument, and when people went to your blog all they saw was your novice manga drawings and you carrying your jewfro proud and stopped reading what you had to say

    those were the good old days

    on the bright side you’ve gotten better at drawing though.

  6. wah says:

    Yeah, that was cool.

  7. Yuriko says:

    The hips don’t look too high to me just way too pronounced the shadow over the pelvic bone looks normal for a woman with her curves but the shadow in the middle of the belly looks weird. I think her face looks really good though and the composition is classic and looks nice to me.

  8. VZMkII says:

    Great shading. Ankle looks thin the the rest of her body is proportional.