Comic Update: Polyrhythm

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This review is actually real, and you can read in its original Japanese here. As you can see from the actual post, it actually has a substantial amount of comments, but it wouldn’t be funny if I actually did that. Thanks goes out to kransom for translating that review for me.

This comic turned out better than I expected after doing the sketches, but it’s still not very good. I think what bothers me the most is Yamakan’s hair–it being divided into two giant locks on either side doesn’t seem very natural. Hair is one of my many weaknesses, but I was thinking I was getting better at it in the last comic.

The next comic is the 200th. I kind of have an idea for it, but I want to artwork to be very good, so that may delay its release.


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11 Responses to Comic Update: Polyrhythm

  1. ratixlangrisser says:

    There’s definitely a “stench of snobbery” when it comes to Yamakan, or at least the way you presented him.

    “Tea and crumpets and then I’m off to decapitate some objet d’art.”

  2. Zelkiiro says:

    It’s like an internet troll in a suit! :U

  3. Hello! says:

    I must say, this comic of the entity known on the world wide web by the moniker “Yutaka Yamamoto” is filled with much pretentious subtext. The artist and author appears to have been attempting to create a context that applied not only to the individual named, but also to apply to those persons on the internet who attempt to grant their individual skills to various topics.

    The person, as portrayed by wah, is one that appears to have been designed to portray the inherent dissonance between internet reviewers and commentators and their actual image. The introduction image has Yutaka wearing a suit, tinted sunglasses, and flowing locks while holding a teacup in a quaint setting. This evokes a sense of elitism and snobbery, and the actions of Yutaka, highbrow commentary on a much lauded animated show, continues this idea. However, both the context and the subtext of the comic counter this as being laughable.

    Firstly, the context. Yutaka places much effort into his highbrow commentary, speaking of various animation techniques and referencing the message inherent in the show “Eden of the East”. He cockily states “Take that, internet!” as he posts in the belief that his thorough review would be taken quite well or be hotly contested. Unfortunately, 10 days pass and Yutaka gains no comments. The internet does not care for him, the message says, and it seems to apply to internet reviewers and commentators in general. The internet is a big place, and even with his hard work and well thought out arguments, Yutaka is ignored.

    Now, let me speak of the subtext brought about by the images. Yutaka’s pretention towards being a well educated, sleek critic seems to be a sham. In the opening picture, Yutaka is holding a teacup. However, his pinky is not extended! Further, his well furnished, brightly lit, and stylish room is only references in the first and final panels! For the main body of the comic, Yutaka is little more than an ordinary user of the internet, sitting in front of a computer in a dark room. He still wears his suit and tinted glasses, but this all seems like a sad pretext that he keeps up to pretend that what he says matters. His cocky attitude, his clothes, even his manner of speech are all lies he perpetuates in order to keep his feelings of superiority! Combined with the “Zero Comments” panel, Yutaka just comes off as a sad, sad person. And this reflects, again, on all internet reviewers and commentators. Their (and my) attempts at self-importance are just lost in the vastness of the internet.

    All in all, a remarkable commentary on the cult of self-importance and how it’s at odds with the triviality of (most) individuals on the internet. Kudos, wah. Kudos. And now, let me say in the spirit of this comic, “Take that, Internet!”

  4. wah says:

    His pinkie would be sticking out if i had drawn his whole hand!

    Otherwise, great post! Exactly what I was trying to get across!

  5. Jennifu says:

    Best comment ever.

  6. Mikee says:

    I had a couple of those

  7. Magusman says:

    Comic 200 better have Brad.

  8. ParagonDoD says:

    Is the title of this comic a reference to the Perfume song?

  9. TheBigN says:

    I think Yamakan needs more tea.

  10. Magusman says:

    Yamakan totally needs /moar/ tea… and crumpets.

  11. Anonno says:

    The higashi no eden movies are almost freaking unwatchable, lets be honest here..

    There’s no point doing a comic about it almost, everyones sick of the same crap that’s never explained and the STUPID romance that makes NO GOD DAMN SENSE, lol..

    “Hi naked guy, I think I’m in love with you! Yup, that’s all it took, I saw you!”