The Great Anime Race

In the great tradition of blogging about anime-related dreams, I would like to share one of mine with you. Don’t worry, it isn’t sexual.

It was like some kind of anime game show thing, apparently thrown together by this guy. It was like a board game, except instead of moving pieces around, you moved from place to place yourself. In order to move from one place to another, you had to answer bits of anime trivia correctly. In some cases when you answered questions correctly, you were presented with a prize.  However, if you answered incorrectly, you’d be thrown down another path. It wasn’t made quite clear why this happened, since logic doesn’t really work in dreams, but I’m going to assume this other path was a longer-way to the finishing point.

The locales for each of the questions was weird. They changed between old houses I used to live in, school settings, and opulent Arabian palaces.  But in each case the questions were written down on some ghetto sheet of paper that was laminated and stuck to a wall.

It was really quite fun, but thinking about it doesn’t really make sense in real life.