Mistakes of Youth@Otakon 2010

This is more or less the same stuff I mentioned back in this news post, but it’s just good to have this stuff consolidated to one post, right? Right!

But yeah, my broke and sorry ass is gonna be creeping around the Baltimore Convention Center this weekend for the once-a-year Anime Extravaganza, Otakon. Chances are I’ll be donning my stealthy Strike Witches cap, which looks not unlike a random cap one would buy at an airshow, hence its stealth capabilities. Only people in the know can know. But if you really wanna see me 100%, I’m running a panel at this little nickle and dime show, too. It’s called The Life and Times of Akiyuki Shinbo, and if you’re not sure what the panel is about from that title, you probably haven’t been reading this blog for very long, have you! Anyway, the panel is at 9:00 pm on Saturday in Panel 4. Since there are 30 minutes between each panel, I’ll probably be fucking around with my computer 15 minutes prior to try and get my panel up and running to start at its appointed time, so if anyone wants to come and shoot the shit, you’re free to do so. I’ve gotten one email asking about the possibility of a Mistakes of Youth meet ‘n’ greet this year, and I think that’s the best it’s gonna get. I’ll probably be wearing a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei shirt. Cospa doesn’t make one, but J-List does!

See you jokers there!