Art: Jigoku Sensei

Inspired by Soutaisei Riron’s song “Jigoku Sensei”, a song about a high school girl wanting to bone her teacher. It’s a pretty good song.

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3 Responses to Art: Jigoku Sensei

  1. cld says:

    Very nice expression and pose. Looks good.

    I’m suddenly reminded of the song “Looking Glass” by The Birthday Massacre. All she needs is a Number 6 mask and I’d never have known it wasn’t about TBM’s song.

  2. wah says:


    Huh, what an interesting song and video. The song I’m drawing from is far more laid back, but the video has nothing to do with the lyrics, which seems to be a pattern amongst videos made for Yakushimaru Etsuko songs. At least across the two I’ve seen.