It’s my birthday again. I’m 22, or something.

Birthday wish? That Fujiyoshi comes to life and lives with me.

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23 Responses to NYONTAKA<3

  1. schneider says:

    Happy birthday! Or something.

  2. jennifu says:

    I’m actually kind of surprised that you like Fujiyoshi. I guess I didn’t know you were into fujoshi.

  3. Link says:

    Happy birthday dude!

  4. Satou says:

    Happy Birthday, I guess.

  5. Martin says:

    Happy birthday, you youngster you.

  6. a certain russian reader says:

    Happy birthday!

  7. pKjd says:

    Happy bday! Mine was only 3 days ago, hah. Enjoy it

  8. yomikoma says:

    It’s still hard to believe you were born in 1988. Happy birthday!

  9. 2DT says:

    A humble congratulations on your most honorable birthday. :)

  10. omo says:

    happy uterus eviction day

  11. Kusanagi says:


  12. snobaste says:

    Happy Birthday! Not as exciting as your 21st, eh? :P

  13. Shadowblade Edge says:

    Happy 8 more years.

  14. Sheentaku says:

    Happy birthday!

  15. Smankh says:

    Happy birthday sir.

  16. elevated says:

    Happy fantabulous birthday!

  17. lastarial says:

    All the best for your 22nd!

  18. keideki says:

    Happy Birthday!

  19. wah says:

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes, guys!

    And no thanks to you, Jen :V

  20. Xald says:

    Tad late… ome dude. Keep it up.

  21. Chun says:

    If it means anything wah, Jen and I did talk about this at Fanime. We don’t see you as a Fujiyoshi type; or rather… didn’t you dislike fujoshi?

    And tanome again despite bookery.

  22. wah says:

    I like Fujiyoshi and Ohno. Though I have met some okay real-life fujoshi…