Comic Update: Lip Service

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If you can’t tell I tried to ape the fuck out of Shinbo with this one. Did it work? No.

The joke is pretty straight forward, so there’s no reason to elaborate.

I haven’t felt very talkative lately… but with hope I can get some blog entries out that I’ve been meaning to do…

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15 Responses to Comic Update: Lip Service

  1. yomikoma says:

    Rets is such a wonderful asshole.

  2. warll says:

    2mb/s != 2MB/s. I’m pretty sure mili-bits are not even possible.

  3. Ratix says:

    $30-$40 for two episodes… I cringe every time I recall what I used to pay for anime.

  4. Zelkiiro says:

    $30 for a DVD with 3 episodes on it…and you aren’t even sure you’ll like the thing.

    But it’s always nice to find a cheap series. Found the boxset (DVD-case-set?) of Now and Then, Here and There for $20. You bet your ass I got it.

  5. Ryoko says:

    The strips that are set in Brad’s workplace are my favorites, and some of the funniest ones. You really should do more of these.

  6. wahaha says:

    Why did I laugh at that millibits comment? I wanted to leave a comment to say the same thing!
    Poor Rets, if he thinks 2mbps is fast. He should just buy a 56k modem.

  7. Heath Robinson says:

    >I’m pretty sure mili-bits are not even possible.

    As an average over enough time units, maybe.

  8. Valence says:

    For some reason, I find myself looking for that picture in my hard drive after seeing Rets’ desktop wallpaper.

  9. Vorp says:

    You forgot the shot of the top of their heads and the shot of just their feet.

  10. Anono says:

    But this strip is lies.. Complete series retail for over 100 or 60++ at the least..

    Not to mention the troubles they’re currently having pricing 4 episode DVD’s at ¥4,000 (around $43.00 currently) with everyone instead resorting to pirating or simply renting…

  11. wah says:

    I’m talking about in America, yo~

  12. Bakasai says:

    I forgot to mention, but I really like this one.

  13. Anonno says:

    —-“I’m talking about in America, yo~”

    It’s the same everywhere, unless you have some secret pawn shop that’s selling you at those fairy tale like prices, heh..