Art: Flowers

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Something. Trying to diversify what I draw a bit. I also like flower patterns… does that make me girly?

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5 Responses to Art: Flowers

  1. yomikoma says:

    Samurai-era warriors loved the cherry blossom because it would flower and then fall off the tree at the peak of its color – not wilting in old age but dying young.

    Flowers can be pretty bad-ass.

  2. VZ says:

    Reminds me a bit of Five Star Stories.

  3. 2DT says:

    It makes you a man with a refined sense of aesthetics. Though I suppose I’m hardly one to talk.

    I like this one! The three-quarters view could use a bit of work as usual, but I like the picture in total. Cheers.

  4. keideki says:

    Flowery stuff hardly makes you a girly man.

    This is one of your best yet I might add, The flower in her hair is very well done.

  5. kgods says:

    He’s trolling us! It’s a trap! Haha, just kidding. Good job wah.