Art: Such A Beautiful Girl Like You

Click for bigger.

I’d be more happy with this if it wasn’t a complete copy off of this video. But it was supposed to be that, so I guess I should be satisfied.

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2 Responses to Art: Such A Beautiful Girl Like You

  1. kgods says:

    Not bad at all… however the picture itself gives off a “meanwhile in the attic, a girl is about to be stalked in a first-person eroge manner”

  2. 2DT says:

    Really going heavy on the shibuya-kei lately, I see. ;) My favorite Pizzicato Five song must be “Mood for a Rainy Day.” It doesn’t have Nomiya Maki’s gorgeous voice or the usual P5 style, but it’s the kind of music that plays in a movie when someone falls in love.

    You did very well with this one. Cheers.