Comic Update: わたしまだ女子高生でいたいよ

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While there certainly are parody elements in Angel Beats, I find the very setting to be ironic. There was that scene in episode one where the main character was hesitating to fire his gun at the flat-chested, loli-looking Tenshi. I couldn’t help but see this as a metaphor for otaku trying to escape from the grasp of their hobby. But it probably isn’t. I personally don’t really care either way–I’m not all that for or against the show–but I kind of wanted to drive this slight disappointment over this missed opportunity home with Brad, so I did.

I’m not that sold on the artwork in this one, but it turned out fine. My main qualms lie in the brightness of the colours, and Tina’s face in panel 2. Maybe I should lay off the bloom effect a bit more next time. I drew the outlines of the speech bubbles with the tablet as opposed to using the shape tools to create them, in attempt to make the comic look more organic,  but in the end they came out a little messy. I’ll try something different next time.

I haven’t talked about news in a while, but something happened this past week that caught my attention. Aniplex is entering the American market in an attempt to directly market their products to US buyers. While this’ll probably crash and burn like every other Japanese attempt to sell directly to the US, what caught my attention was their plans to release five other series by 2011. This is pure conjecture, but wouldn’t it be neat if they had Bakemonogatari? I mean, this is really fucking crazy, but if this means I could get Bakemonogatari in the US, on BRD, I’d be pretty fucking stoked. It’d be perfect if it were a carbon copy of the Japanese release, just with English subtitles. But that’s just a dream at the moment. It’d be cool, though!

I also haven’t spoken about anime for a while in this space, but I feel something like Beck isn’t worth a whole blog entry, but is too much for a series of tweets to cover. But yeah, we’ve been watching Beck down at the ol’ anime club and it’s pretty amazingly average. I dont mean average in the sense that every element of the show is executed half-heatedly. It’s more like, there’s certain parts of the show that are spectacular, and certain parts that are just awful. The animation is pretty rough, the frequent use of English–both from Japanese and American voice talents–is laughably bad, the direction is really awkward, and the acting is stilted.

But the show has spirit. I’m not sure if this spirit is carried over from the (rather lengthy) manga, or if it’s due to the enthusiasm of the staff, but the amount of effort put into the rendering of the instruments and the show’s constant adoration for rock music is probably what makes it watchable. I mean, it’s not painful to watch, but it could be a lot better. The best parts of the show are easily the opening and the ending. I especially like all the illustrations used for the ending, as they’re not the types of images you usually see in anime.

Next week is more or less the end of the semester, and I have something like three ten page papers to pump out before then. That said, don’t expect a comic next weekend. Later!