Shinbo has a Twitter

Thanks to a tip from a Shinbo/SHAFT fanboy more dangerous than myself, I have found Shinbo Akiyuki’s Twitter account. What kind of deep and insightful comments lie within the man’s 22 tweet long history? Find out here, in a Mistakes of Youth: The Blog exclusive report!

Translator’s notes are in bold and in brackets, @replies are followed by the preceding posts.

March 21st, 2010

  • 10:09 PM- I ate yakiniku.
  • 10:11 PM- I’m getting tired.
  • 10:36 PM- @hekky3 Let’s go out drinking next time. (Shinbo)
    • 10:17 PM- minakichijapon: @hekky3 Director Shinbo is here! (Under a fake name.)
    • 10:26 PM- hekky3: @minakichijapon What! Where? Who? I hope he knows when to stop tweeting so he doesn’t become a good-for-nothing!
  • 10:39 PM- @minakichijapon I’ll try to mutter some things.
  • 10:44 PM- Miyamoto-sama has come. [EDIT: Actually he’s talking about this guy.]
  • 11:13 PM- Miyamoto-sama is doing nothing but eating.
  • 11:14 PM- Miyamoto-sama is having some miso soup.
  • 11:25 PM- Are you still going to eat, Miyamoto-sama?
  • 11:28 PM- @hekky3 I’m having fun.
  • 11:39 PM- Miyamoto-sama will not stop eating.

March 22nd, 2010

  • 12:01 AM- @wome06 Did you get mad? [The post he’s replying to is not linked.]
  • 12:04 AM- @hikakom Miyamoto-sama is eating right now. He’s not stopping. [The post he’s replying to is not linked.]
  • 01:07 AM- @minakichijapon Good work today! I’m probably alright. My stomach hurts
    • 12:51 AM- minakichijapon: @nobita29432943 Good work for today! I’m a little scared that tomorrow you’ll have already forgotten about the existence of Twitter ☆.
  • 01:19 AM- @hikakom Miyamoto-sama seems to have caught a cold, but his appetite is that of a restless horse. [The post he’s replying to is not linked.]
  • 01:22 AM- @minakichijapon We should’ve done Udon.
    • 01:12 AM- minakichijapon: @nobita29432943 I’ve made it home. Director, you without a doubt ate way too much. Especially that fish rice bowl, you shouldn’t be eating that!

April 10th, 2010

  • 07:23 PM- Junnosuke is here nau. [Probably in reference to this guy. Also, “nau” is a trendy way to say “now”. I’ve translated it up until now, but it’s best to leave it as it is from now on… you’ll see.]
  • 07:32 PM- Junnosuke nau 2
  • 08:01 PM- Junnosuke is speaking with a very clear voice. Nau.
  • 09:16 PM- Tired of Junnosuke nau. So, I’m going to watch Pani Poni nau.
  • 09:20 PM- @minakichijapon I’m interested again nau.
  • 10:06 PM- @wome06 Are you mad? Nau. [The post he’s replying to is not linked.]
  • 10:07 PM- @dekisugikunn How are you? Nau. [This guy hasn’t said anything yet.]


He hasn’t tweeted since these first 22, but he just may. Am I nuts enough to re-tweet each one then translate it?! Maybe…