Comic Update: I wanna stay with you

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While not a totally widespread practice, it’s become more common to leave titles of Japanese properties untranslated to appease the needs of the 13-year-old Japanophile crowd. However, this practice seems to limit itself to titles which most Americans can kind-of-sort-of pronounce, not titles in which they’d just trip over the pronunciation. “Kuro Shitsuji” isn’t really that hard to say, but I am sad that I’ll never ever be able to hear a young girl twist her tongue around the name in the Borders manga aisle now. Oh well!

This comic was actually re-drawn a bit. I wasn’t happy with how it originally turned out, so since I had some time before it went up, I edited it a bit. While this newer version isn’t perfect, I feel a lot more conferable putting it up on display. For the few curious parties, the original can be viewed here.

I actually really like how the backgrounds turned out here. Instead of just making something up or tracing over a photo, I simply used a photo as reference, but didn’t trace over it. The backgrounds are quite messy, but that’s what I like about them.

I have a comic all ready for next week, so look forward to an update then. There probably will not be an update at the end of the month, because that’s when I have something like three papers due, and I don’t plan to do them until that week. But then after that things should lighten up, and I’ll have more time to attend to this site.