Comic Update: Yameru toki mo issho da yo tte kami ni chikatta yo ne?

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This meant to go up on Saturday, but in all the confusion that was Anime Boston, I neglected to post it.

Gonna keep this short and sweet. This month is going to be hell, as it’s my last real month in college. I say “real” because after that I have to take one summer course, but that’ll be easy. But I have a bunch of projects I need to do, as well as some job hunting, so this site will probably be updated very sporadically. I have a comic completed for next week, so look forward to that!

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12 Responses to Comic Update: Yameru toki mo issho da yo tte kami ni chikatta yo ne?

  1. VZ says:

    Congrats on school.

  2. TheBigN says:

    I don’t understand how Brad never takes his pain out on Rets instead of himself.

  3. digitalboy says:

    I can’t tell if Brad fell for it, or if he just got fed up with everything XD

  4. elevated says:

    since your almost done with school I guess I can use this

  5. linger says:

    You mean Satsuki, right? Right?

  6. Chun says:

    Clearly, the joke here is adult version Hiiragi or Yamamoto-sensei.

  7. Pocket Nerd says:

    Congratulations on finishing college!

    Also: This comic left me wondering “What’s Hanamaru?” and eventually led to me torrenting it…



  8. Zelkiiro says:

    One of these days, Brad is just going to snap and pilot a big-ass Gundam in his effort to destroy Rets once and for all.

  9. regurgitator says:

    I am of the impression that Rets doesn’t even have to get it since just saying he does makes Brad want to die all the same.

  10. Congratulations on finishing college. Doing any of the characters on Hanamaru would be like screwing Potemayo, surely? Even Hii-chan looks like Guchuko.

  11. Norwayfag says:

    There’s a hanamaru youchien douijin?!