Anime Boston ni ikou

Things have been quiet here on the Mistakes of Youth blog. I got my reasons. One of them is school, but other (more important) reason is that I am preparing for my Anime Boston panel in a few days by watching a bunch of Shinbo shows, taking screen captures of them, pulling clips, and generally getting a feel for some of his older stuff that I haven’t seen/haven’t seen in a while. It’s going pretty well, and I think I’ll have an okay panel for you guys come Friday.

I know I already said it in the last post, but my panel, The Life and Times of Akiyuki Shinbo is happening Friday night at 9:00 in panel room 309.

I doubt any sort of meet up wants to happen, but if you happen to see a guy in a Strike Witches hat say hi. I’ll also be wearing a hilarious DBZ club shirt for some of the con. Ironically, of course…