Anime Boston ni ikou

Things have been quiet here on the Mistakes of Youth blog. I got my reasons. One of them is school, but other (more important) reason is that I am preparing for my Anime Boston panel in a few days by watching a bunch of Shinbo shows, taking screen captures of them, pulling clips, and generally getting a feel for some of his older stuff that I haven’t seen/haven’t seen in a while. It’s going pretty well, and I think I’ll have an okay panel for you guys come Friday.

I know I already said it in the last post, but my panel, The Life and Times of Akiyuki Shinbo is happening Friday night at 9:00 in panel room 309.

I doubt any sort of meet up wants to happen, but if you happen to see a guy in a Strike Witches hat say hi. I’ll also be wearing a hilarious DBZ club shirt for some of the con. Ironically, of course…

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5 Responses to Anime Boston ni ikou

  1. KGods says:

    I, unfortunately can’t make the sabbatical to Anime Boston. I need a bit more experience at con-going before I go to a bigger one. However, I’m sure I’ll spot you somewhere along the line, next year perhaps? Do you always wear the Strike Witches hat?

    Also, after browsing for awhile at the ANN forums, you weren’t kidding… lots of dicks there. What’s with the sudden prude mentality in fandom?

  2. KGods says:

    Haha, I just realized that I had that exact t-shirt from many moons back. I think I still have it in storage somewhere, though I rather doubt it fits now.

  3. hikki says:

    It’s a shame I have to miss this, but good luck with it!

  4. Cadha13 says:

    Too bad I can’t be there, but have fun with your panel. I hope a lot of fans show up for your support.

  5. roast-beefy says:

    I know people must be looking forward to a Mistakes of Youth meet-up.

    Who could ask for more than wah, a friend and 4 other people sitting in a circle for 5 minutes before they get bored and split up?