Comic Update: 東京は夜の七時

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This is a cheapshot, I know, but I love cheapshots, so there we are. I had a hard time aping Yaz’s style, so I think this comic turned out pretty bad. I still think it’s funny, though, because my sense of humour is lame like that.

I’ve been on the quiet side lately (outside of my fucking Twitter (don’t follow me on Twitter)) but since we’re a week away from Anime Boston, I figured it’d prudent to post my panel information some place where it won’t be lost to the void in a mater of hours. The Life and Times of Akiyuki Shinbo will be at 9pm on Friday in panel room 309. Come visit if you wanna see me ramble on and crack jokes about Shinbo for like 50 minutes. I should probably prepare for this, huh!?