Okay guys, first of all–the moe debate has been beaten silly. I would ask you all to stop arguing about it on Twitter, but since I don’t follow the full complement of muppets that enjoy having the same argument week after week, it’s not really bothering me. But it’s a fruitless effort on both sides, so just stop and do something else.

However, I’m not writing about the futility of the moe debate here. I’m instead addressing an unpleasant pattern prevalent across some (I hate to address them as “fellow”) moe fans. But before I expand upon this issue, I wish to make my point of reference clear: I am a fan of Japanese media. Specifically cartoons, comics and music produced in Japan. I am not just a fan of moe anime, but I enjoy moe anime, along with a host of other genres. I’m sure regular readers of this blog are already keenly aware of these fact, but since I want this entry to hit a larger audience, I figure it’d be prudent to make things clear.

But onto the main issue. What I wish to address here is the perceived creepy nature of the moe phenomenon by some. While some titles–let’s say Toradora!–may not be perceived as creepy by themselves, there is a large assortment official and unofficial goods that normal people may just find a touch strange. It’s fine to be a perfectly normal human being with a perfectly normal living space, a perfectly normal social life, and perfectly normal world view and enjoy moe titles such as Toradora. You can also be a hardcore fan of moe anime and enjoy Toradora!, and you’re the person I’m talking to.

So, when a guy on the internet labels a glamor shot of a crazy Taiga fan’s room–complete with the poster-covered walls, the bed sheets, the dakimakura and the army of Taiga figures–as “creepy”, how do you, Mr. Moefan react? Well, the reaction I’ve been witnessing amongst some is that of utter denial. Complete objection to the fact that this may be perceived as creepy.

What is or isn’t creepy is obviously a question of perception, but what you–Mr.Denial–have to keep in mind is that society has standards, and the majority decides what’s normal and what’s creepy. That’s just how it works. So when a dude on Twitter says that guy with the thousands of Idolm@ster figures is a creep, your reaction should not be one of pure shock. You should not be surprised that somewhere out there, someone finds this creepy. You personally may find this okay, but you have to keep the perceptions of others in mind.

I know where this comes from. It’s this complex. This desire for acceptance. This desire to defend your beloved genre and all the strings attached as its name is sullied by big bad Internet Bullies. I’ve probably felt like this once before, too. But listen–people think it’s creepy, and that’s a fact. Dakimakura are creepy. Bed sheets are creepy. Figure collecting is creepy. You are not going to convince the people who think these things otherwise, so stop pretending it’s normal, and that they’re the weird ones.

I live the moe otaku lifestyle. Heck, I’ve posted my room on this blog multiple times. I am fully aware that it is weird. Half the reason I post my room is to get reactions, actually. But listen. Just listen. Don’t talk back. If people calling the moe otaku lifestyle creepy really offends you, either ignore it or roll with the punches. But don’t outright deny the creepiness, especially right in the face of it. Because you know what? That’s even more creepy!

I’d like to think that all of these exchanges that occur over whether moe subculture is/isn’t creepy are mostly in jest, but after reading enough of these debates I’m getting the feeling that people are getting seriously angry on the Internet. Just stop. We can all get along! Just accept the fact that people find your kinks kinky, and laugh it off. Try to fire some stingers back at them, if you can. But just don’t take it seriously. There are far more important things to worry about.