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I find that amongst some anime fans, there are those that think like computers. For instance, when an adaptation of a popular manga takes one step away from the original story, fans label it a failure because the outcome doesn’t fall within their narrow set of expectations. Perhaps if they were to realize that these changes actually make the story better, they would simply break down.

That said, this comic is primarily about the initial reaction to the first and second episodes of the show which were overwhelmingly negative (for a variety of reasons, not just inaccuracy) but that seems to have cooled down now. To be honest, I’m actually still not sure how some of the added plot elements work together–such as the new girl, and Akira’s loss of memory. I think his loss of memory is addressed in episode 7, but I’ve only seen it raw thus far so I can’t be certain. There’s also some other issues with the show that I want to address, but not now. It’s good, but I think that more so than any SHAFT show in recent years–even Bakemonogatari–this show probably needs to be watched on home video.

Oh, there’s some new podcasts about Comiket. They’re kind of bad, but if anything I hope they help bring you into that moment that was Comiket 76.

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  1. serial says:

    I like the way the Vampire Bund anime changes things. It keeps things *FRESH*. And I love the manga!

  2. d says:

    Just felt like saying that the author of Dance in the Vampire Bund encouraged Shaft to stray from the original. He wanted them to toy with it some and personally if the author has that much respect and trust in them I don’t see why I can’t give it a completely fair shot. So far I quite like it even though I wasn’t expecting to.

  3. wah says:

    Yeah, I heard about that. The dude live tweets each episode of the show, even.

  4. BrendantheJedi says:

    Sometimes adaptations far usurp their source material. Like the Battle Royal Film versus the novel, or for a non-Japanese example, the version of “The Maltese Falcon” staring Humphrey Bogart. It does happen often.

  5. digitalboy says:

    I have owned the first volume of the manga for quite a while now. I enjoyed what I read, but I believe that I did so purely because I was pre-disposed to enjoying it, and not because of it’s own merits. Becaus it pretty much sucks.

  6. wah says:

    The manga really comes into its own at the end of volume 2 and only gets better.

  7. Firelord says:

    An anime can only go so far to capture the mood of a manga perfectly. There may be exceptions, there I don’t know of a single anime that is 100% true to the source. And why should it be? If you want 100% adaptation, why not just stick to the manga?

    And Vampire Bund ain’t that bad IMO. It’s obvious SHAFT has the same issues again like they had with Bakemonogatari (too much for a small workforce to handle), so I agree that watching it on DVD/Blu-Ray might be preferable. Still, it worked out pretty well so far. Can’t say it’s brilliant, but not as bad as people take it for anyway.

    I must admit that I too expected a more manga-orientated storyline, but I also like how the author himself said to be more creative. Now that SHAFT is doing that, people again complain (probably for hating on SHAFT as well)

  8. I should point out that personally, i’ve never read the manga and I still think that Dance In The Vampire Bund is crap. The characters are all boring, uncommitted and inconsistent, the art style is drab, the plot is moving at snail’s pace, and the most annoying thing is Akiyuki Shinbo’s directing, most notably his tendency to fit as many closeups of eyes into one episode as possible. I actually counted how many there were in the last episode, and do you know how many there were? 54. No seriously, 54 retinal closeups in a single episode. That’s just silly.

    *steps off soapbox*

  9. Yuriko says:

    I am really liking most of the changes made in the anime except the amnesia thing. I really have an aversion to that kind of plot and I don’t know why you would add that to a story that did not originally have it. I mean maybe it will be interesting but it makes me wary. Yeah the eye close ups… hmm I really do like that but I think Shinbou is kind of going over the top with that at this point. It was like wow eyes in bakemono too. It kind of reminds me of how J. J. Abrams when “a little” over the top with lens flares in the new Star Trek movie. While I think its a cool effect you can over do it. Oh and cool op but boring ed.

  10. wah says:

    I think episode 7 just had a bunch of eyes because they didn’t have anything else animated.

  11. Matt says:

    Just stopped by to say I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE how Hidamari S3 is getting treated better than Vampire Bund. Suck it, haters :3

  12. anon says:

    I should point out that personally, I think that this Vampire Bund show is crap. I can’t stand watching a single second of it. That’s why I watched 7 episodes of this show and counted the number of closeups in one episode. I can’t stand how much of my precious time this cartoon is wasting. If only I could do something about it. Now excuse me, I’m going to check tokyotosho for the new ep.

  13. yaku says:

    They are two different mediums, and while story events can be identical to the source material, sometimes having a different pace or development in one version can keep the other fresh.

    For ex. Angelic Layer’s manga and anime are a bit different; they cater all kinds of “what ifs” (like romance-wise) and they make you check out and enjoy both of them. There are many anime or manga I don’t check out because they are exactly the same in both versions so it’s pointless to check the same thing twice.

  14. @Anon:

    Well, captain jerkass, as weird as it may seem, i’m watching this because I actually want full rights to tell fanboys they’re full of shit, and intellectually own them. Basically, it’s fun to be a smartass about how bad it is.

    Also, I love how your comment doesn’t affect any of the points I made.

  15. anon says:



  16. Peruna-sama says: