Comic Update: SADAME DA, EIJI!!!

Orginal Post

You know, I’m not even going to say anything about what’s going on this fucking comic strip. I mean, it can easily just stand on its own without any explanation or commentary. But before anyone gets the wrong I idea, I did very much enjoy the first episode of SHAFT’s Dance In The Vampire Bund anime, and enjoyed the second episode even more. I’ll expand upon why I like them in a post that will hopefully materialize later on.

I’m quite happy with how the artwork turned out on this one, save for Rets’ dirty pose in the last panel, along with the fact that the background perspective may not make too much sense. If anyone who knows how to draw (Why would you be subjecting yourself to my crap if you knew how to draw?) has any tips or crits, drop ’em here. Crits are welcome for every comic, actually. That’s how you get better, after all.

Next week’s comic isn’t sketched, but with hope I can get something out. I think we’re due for another Life and Times of Akiyuki Shinbo…