• Become a Ruler of Time: Following in the footsteps of the only god I believe in, I will aspire to be a Ruler of Time. What does being a ruler of time entail, you ask? Well, it involves striking the perfect balance between school (or work, perhaps), all of my Web 2.0 escapades, watching anime, drawing, and the occasional social outing. This is a balance very¬† few people can strike, and it’s presumptuous to think I can do it. It may indeed be impossible.
  • Power Up My Drawings: I would like to think that I’ve improved somewhat in regards to my artistic skill (or lack thereof) over the past year, to the point where what I draw looks “somewhat decent”. A good step up from “downright awful.” Japan certainly helped me, as being surrounded by the talented members of the Manga Club was great motivation to improve. Of course, this is just from my point of view–I would like to know what others’ critical eyes have to say about my last couple of artistic offerings, and if they can offer up any tips for nailing correct proportion, human anatomy, and composing interesting compositions. In the next year I would like to be able put forth quality work, and be able to produce that work in a short period of time.
  • Return To The Promised Land: Being in Japan was an amazing experience, but there were a bunch of things I never got a chance to do because of time or monetary constraints. Thusly, over this next year I’d like to find my way back to the country, and spend some time traveling around and seeing the sights.
  • Be Less Of An Asshole: A man can dream, can’t he!?
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  1. Dr. Who says:

    Getting anatomy down? Shiiizzzzz, just go full 3D! (no, not quite that type bro).

    Perfect proportions, angles, faces, cameras, lighting.


  2. Alex Leavitt says:

    Planning to go back to Kyoto with a side-trip to Tokyo in August; want to join?

  3. digitalboy says:

    You’ll never manage number 4. Not when you enjoy being one so much. I mean, you’ve only gotten worse over time.

  4. 2DT says:

    Hmm. If you have an Achilles heel in your drawing, it’s your grasp of three dimensional perspective. That tends to mess with everything else, like anatomy and shading, especially when you’re dealing with postures more complicated than just standing. The catch: Pretty much everybody who isn’t a formally trained artist struggles with this. The best solution is to buck up and take some life drawing courses.

    As for point three… If you’re in the Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto area any time this year, I can get there relatively easily. Let’s have a drink.

  5. wah says:


    If I gots the money, bro. (I won’t)


    Yeah, I have no grasp on how 3D space works. I did take a year of drawing classes in school, but all that taught me how to do was copy things really well. Maybe I should do it some more…

  6. Nocturnesb says:

    Being less of an asshole was on my list as well. I thought, “Hey! This’ll be easy!”

    Then I started reading Ayn Rand. I am an asshole again.