wah’s 5 awesome tips for picking up Japanese chicks

Guys I’ve been fuckin’ so many chicks lately you will not believe. AND THEY’RE ALL JAPANESE. If you want to get in on this awesome piece of Japanese asses just follow my 5 easy steps for being a fucking awesome cool dude with women.

  1. When you meet your hot Japanese girl for the first time talk about how much you love anime and manga all of the time. She’ll think you’re so fucking sexy she may just drop to the floor right then and suck your cock.
  2. Wear shirts with lots of Japanese on them. You don’t even have to know Japanese, but if you wear a shirt with lots of Japanese on it the girl will think you care a lot about her culture. But of course that’s a lie, since you just want to fuck her. If you wanna be super direct, I suggest this one.
  3. When you go out with her only go to shops that sell Japanese things and only eat sushi and other Japanese food. But especially sushi. Japanese people only eat Japanese food, if they eat anything else they’ll explode into blood and die.
  4. Speak to her in Japanese. Just like step 2, even if you don’t know a lick of Japanese, do it anyway. Some good words are baka and neko. If you say those over and over again you can talk about politics and shit in Japanese.
  5. When you’re fucking her don’t use a condom, and pull out right before you climax so you can shoot it all in her face, just like in Japanese porn that you watch all time.

If you do this you’ll be a cool dude like me and bag Japanese women in no time.

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18 Responses to wah’s 5 awesome tips for picking up Japanese chicks

  1. BusterCall says:


    but seriously i’ll try these next time, for lols i’m gonna give her american food and watch her explode, www

  2. How’s life with Nagi going?

  3. moritheil says:

    And hilarity ensues.

    Now we know why you were oblivious to the girl at NYAF – you’ve just got so many girls competing for your attention, thanks to these protips!

  4. Dez691 says:

    Oh wow. I guess that’s why I never managed to get a Japanese woman, I always skip step 3.

  5. ETERNAL says:

    For a second there I thought I was on Riuva. XD

  6. chrisl says:

    dude, the last the we need is more Japanese thinking about us gaijin as morons.
    most people will realize you are kidding, but what about those pathetic excuses of human beings out there?

  7. What makes you think he’s kidding?

  8. loldebi says:

    lol best read for the early morning, thanks wah

  9. BlueGenome says:


    OTOH, all you 3D-loving pigs are incredibly lucky you have the sex-god wah to guide you towards disgusting victory.

  10. CCY says:

    >> Some good words are baka and neko.

    I prefer ‘kawaii’ myself. It’s like you’re complimenting them, which makes their clothes come off faster. If you want to talk dirty, ‘ecchi’ or ‘hentai’ works well also.


  11. Cadha13 says:

    Great tips for the every man, this will be put in the little black book of pick up lines and advice.

    A very nice thing to read in the morning.

  12. 2DT says:

    Why do I get the feeling this is based on someone you’ve met recently?

  13. European says:

    With little changes you can get laid anywhere. I personally use “the american” variation. I have had sex with many american women this way. But I got bored and am now ready to try japanese women.

  14. TheBigN says:

    If you made a comic version of this, that would rock.

  15. yaku says:

    You gotta stop writing this kind of posts, I laughed so much I almost passed out on the floor.

    As a girl I don’t want any 3D pig disgusting, but I’ll have a 2D waifu any time, any day (with 2D husbando too of course).

  16. DrmChsr0 says:

    Wait wah, you don’t have an-


    Don’t forget that one sentence that will land you. IN HER PANTS.

  17. Ryoko says:

    >>If you made a comic version of this, that would rock.

    I second that. It could be like “Rets’ Guide to Meeting Japanese Women”.

  18. dm says:

    You left out the critical “tell her about your hug pillow collection” step.