Comic Update: “If I could throw one web comic author under a bus it would be wildarmsheero.”

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This is one of them comics that only me and few other people will get. You can probably still derive a laugh from it, but you kind of need to know about this guy called MINAMIZAWA JUUHACHI. See, this fellow MINAMIZAWA JUUCHACHI (his given name means “18”) directed a bunch of ero anime in the early 2000s. The interesting thing about some of the ero anime he directed was that they looked very similar to the works of our beloved Shinbo Akiyuki. Furthermore, one of the studios that produced some of these works is said to be the alter ego of studio Shaft. So, basically, Shinbo probably directed porn. I’ve seen it. It’s pretty trippy.

But man! A year since the last Life and Times of Shinbo. The art kind of got better, but these last two panels still look a bit wonky. I have to say, I do quite enjoy my depiction of Yamamoto Yutaka. You have to note that this comic takes place before he got famous, which I think makes the attitude I forced upon him kind of funnier. Maybe he simply knows he’ll be famous one day. I don’t know if Shinbo and Yamamoto actually speak to each other as friends, but Yamamoto does talk about Shinbo all the time.

I don’t have much else to say, so I’ll leave it at that. No idea what to do for next week!