yo look at this animated gif

I’m sure someone has done this already, but whatevs.

I kind of like the show’s new opening, but it lacks a certain something compared to the original. I guess this sequence makes up for all that, though.

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6 Responses to yo look at this animated gif

  1. VZ says:

    I can watch that all day. So hypnotizing.

  2. thsj says:


  3. wah says:

    I do not think my fellow fans and I give a shit.

  4. CCY says:

    This is like the limit of sensibility, but every time Ruuto and Yukari come on screen right after with their chests looking like they want to rip free from their body, I have to laugh.

    I wondered what was with the the large self-presence of the self-insert of the vocalist (Himemiya Milan) though.

  5. VZ says:

    Her daddy bought those for her sweet 16. She is rich you know.

  6. Glo says:

    Those are most definitely fake.