Harvard Square 10/08/09

Stupid, personal, Boston-local related stuff. However, since this blog also functions as my personal blog (believe it or not) I figure I’ll post something like this up.

Saw Perfect Blue sitting around Newbury Comics for 15 bucks. Should I buy it? I know it’s good, but I only have 30 dollars left in my wallet that should be allotted to buying anime DVDs and junk. They also had Amazing Nurse Nanako discounted at 15 dollars. It still had a “Pioneer celebrating 10 years in animation” sticker on it.  I’d almost buy it, but I don’t like Nanako beyond the titular character’s voluptuous design. If only they had Agent Aika for that much… Oh, I didn’t look very hard, but I couldn’t find that Chara-Ani Hazuki figure they’ve had sitting around there for the past couple years. I guess someone finally bought it, or they gave it to Tokyo Kid.

They also had Akira on Blu, which is tempting as fuck. Other tempting as fuck things were a “More Cowbell” shirt, and a “Fear The Walken” shirt. Because such things are amusing to me.

I also walked into Kofuku for the first time without being dragged in by my mother. The increased amount of Totoro presence by the front, as well as quite audible Japanese pops music coming from down the stairs of the basement shop intrigued me enough to take a look. And while it was mostly women’s stuff, there was a strange section near the back with some otaku stuff. Like, Idolm@aster Fraulein figures and Ginga Tesudou 999 trading figures. I almost bought one of the 999 figures, but was too cheap to drop $3.95 on it. The most mind-blowing thing there was what appeared to be a Strike Freedom dakimakura. Because that’s exactly what you want to hug as you’re going to bed each night.

I also popped into Tokyo Kid for a few minutes. That old artbook filled with Ultraman and Gundam paintings was still sitting there, unsold. It’s been there ever since I got into Boston. If it’s still there when I graduate, I’m buying it. I saw it in Japan for roughly the same price, anyway.