Comic Update: into the sunset

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There will be people that accuse Mistakes of Youth of being a self-insert, wish fulfillment comic. And I’ve had every right to deny such claims–until now. As of now, I have stepped knee-deep into awful webcomic territory and have given my drawn avatar (who has actually appeared in previous comics) a speaking role. To make it even worse, I am realizing one of my greatest dreams through this comic. That dream being, meeting Shinbo Akiyuki.

I only actually went to Iogi a couple of times, and for some godforsaken reason did not take many pictures. That opening panel is a (Photoshoppped) photo of my own, but the rest of the backgrounds were traced from Google street view. It’s really sad that of all the photos I took of Japan (all of which have still not been uploaded) I forgot to take photos of the best places–those places being my guesthouse, my campus and fucking Iogi, the neighborhood in which SHAFT resides. Oh well, it’s not as if those places are going anywhere.

And yes, the last panel is a reference to the first Lupin III ending sequence. I bet everyone got that one, right!?

I guess there will be a comic next week? Who knows!

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17 Responses to Comic Update: into the sunset

  1. uncreative says:

    Knowing that’s you getting punched in the face in the Comiket one makes it about 20 times funnier.

    Uh, take that as you will, I guess.

  2. digitalboy says:

    roflmao, amazing ending to the saga

  3. Qix says:


  4. wah says:

    Dude, how else did you think I saw Eva 2.0 on opening day…

  5. BrendantheJedi says:

    ^^And he’s been making comics about it for the last 5 months…*facepalm*.

    But about the whole self-insert thing, most of all Fiction is practically veiled autobiography. And it’s not like back in the days of Gangster City where you’d make an appearance every 5 comics. (And yes, I’m mentioning GC. I know you hate that.)

  6. Qix says:

    What, I’m supposed to read his webcomic now? D:

    I figured you’d just found some really crappy camrip or synopsis of Eva 2.0

    And dude, you could have at least PM’d me? And omo was here too? D:

  7. wah says:

    I made it clear as fuck that I was in Japan in EVERY SINGLE POST I MADE while I was there. Your fault for not taking the hint. I actually thought about PMing you, but I just assumed you weren’t anywhere near Saitama.

    And yes, omo came over for a few days.

  8. Qix says:

    I did not notice ;_;


    what dates were you in Japan, btw?

  9. Qix says:

    And yes, I am in Kagoshima, but I could have made a trip up there just to meet up and see the sights of SAITAMA SAITAMA

  10. wah says:

    I was there from the beginning of April to mid-August–right after Comiket.

  11. Qix says:

    Goddamnit, you were there for four months and Inever noticed :(

  12. uncreative says:

    Wait, so that means that you weren’t reading the Haruhi thread at all Qix? Because if you got through that without realizing wah was in Japan, something is frightfully wrong with your reading comprehension.

  13. TheBigN says:

    What uncreative said.

    And nothing wrong with a little self-insertion if it’s done well. \o

  14. Matt says:

    The Strike Witches hat is a great touch. Good job.

  15. wah says:

    I actually own that hat.

  16. saru says:

    I’d be like Bitch! SIGN MY TSUKOYOMI D<