Comic Update: This most certainly did not happen to me

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I don’t think much explanation here is needed. Except for that yes–those stacks are doujinshi. I can’t draw stacks of books well unless I spend a lot of time on it. And I don’t want to. Here’s the uncensored version.

I probably won’t be able to do three comics this week. Spent a lot of the beginning of the week figuring out whether or not I’ll be able to graduate on time (I can!) along with generally getting classes and shit sorted out, so that stress along with time taken to bounce between the Dean and advisors kept me from sketching out comic number 3. Comic number 2 is sketched, however, and I will try to get it out by the weekend. That comic is actually more or less “THE END” of the The Japan Arc, and the comic after that is just a weird afterword section. Once I get these comics punched out, I’ll try to start getting some of the podcasts I recorded in Japan out, as well as getting back to updating the blog. It may be a slow and painful process, but we’ll get it done!

Royal we.