Comic Update: Hoppy Happy

Hoppy Night 1, Hoppy Night 2

And they said it couldn’t be done! Three comics in one week! Of course I made these two at the same time, but details, details.

To get the full effect of my bold artistic vision you have to imagine those title cards fading in along with the sounds of people drinking and eating, all while matched to Showa-era Japanese pop music. I put a lot of work into making the title cards look as tacky as possible, especially the second one. For the first one, please imagine the glow around “Part 1” flashing on and off, and for the second one imagine the lettering coming in with bouncy, cheesy animations, while the “Part 2” tilts up and down.

I guess the only joke across both of these is that everyone is getting drunk off of Hoppy. Well, except for Brad. Brad’s gotten so used to drinking to forget that his constitution stronger than any other man’s. He’s drinking the Shochu straight. I’ve been actually meaning to use that script in the second one for a while, but never found a good opportunity until now. The last panel for that one is a little sloppy, but I enjoy how Brad’s expression turned out. I wonder how he even ended up at that drinking party anyway.

With luck there will be three more comics next week, which’ll round off the Japan Arc. Until then…

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14 Responses to Comic Update: Hoppy Happy

  1. Anonymous says:

    In the third text’d panel of part 2, Tina’s expression is one of a cat.

  2. mt-i says:

    Nomikai are dangerous. Will try to remember that.

  3. Ryoko says:

    I love Tina’s cat expression. I hope we’ll see it again.

  4. digitalboy says:

    rofl I love how he says ‘did I say that out loud? IN JAPANESE?’

  5. Guy says:

    I’d have gone with the more classic sentence, “Like putty in my hands.”
    She went “Black!” (Bamboo Blade!).

    I also liked the same thing digitalboy did :)

  6.  kransom says:

    but that picture is of a torys mizuwari, not hoppy!!

  7. BrendantheJedi says:

    Tina, still totally batshit insane. XD.

  8. wah says:

    kransom, we all know Mizuwari is a manlier drink than Hoppy, hence the photo :eng101:

  9. Bakasai says:

    “Like putty in my hands,” would imply that Rets is a thing for Tina to mold into whatever she wants. Tina meant that Rets is merely there for her amusement and, like a toy in her palm, can be discarded or crushed the instant she loses interest. And that’s why she’s scary.

  10. HechEff says:

    … Now I want to try a Hoppy for myself.

  11. DatDude says:

    I’ve been wondering how me manages to get / keep a girl like that.

  12. Guy says:

    She gets and keeps you, not the other way around.

  13. Shinikenshi says:

    www you and your hoppy. :v

  14. HechEff says:

    And if you try to run away, it’ll a life-long experience.