I have never seen this fetish before

Ok, I’ve seen my fair share of fanservice anime in my time, but never have I seen service shots such as these.

When did sand on the boobs, and the wiping of said sand from the boobs become in vogue? Did I miss the memo?

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5 Responses to I have never seen this fetish before

  1. DrmChsr0 says:

    That’s pretty tame, wah.

  2. Annubis says:

    Just watched this.
    I rolled on the floor the whole time.
    I know it’s a fanservice episode, so I shouldn’t expect anything about it other than that.
    #1 They have god (narrator) explain the situation since they are too lazy to explain the plot (if any is found)
    #2 Yeah the sand on boob thing made me wonder the same question.
    #3 About 80% of the episode is music with girls striking sexy poses.
    #4 They don’t even bother explaining how Rito went back to normal.
    #5 They even put A TWISTER™ BOARD !

    And yeah, Haruna is delicious.

  3. the sound of waves says:

    Brushing sand off boobs is true glorious Nipponese culture! Mishima Yukio wouldn’t lie!

  4. Marco says:

    Why does it NEED to eb a fetish, it looks liek an excuse for cleavage to me.

  5. kode says:

    What, he changed back? I guess I gave up on actually following what was going on before that. I’ll be thinking of this every time I see a montage now.