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This comic is most probably not terribly funny, but it addresses something I feel needs addressing–which is fans (typically of the English-speaking persuasion) expecting unreasonable things out of certain shows. This is an extreme example, and I don’t think this opinion is widely held (if it is, God help us all) but someone on the internet actually said “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a filler series, there’s no plot or character development.” These misguided comments that demonstrate the sheer lengths to which less enlightened people can miss the point do well to inspire inklings of rage within me, and as such elitist comics such as this one come into being. I’m sorry!

I don’t think I’m even going to comment on my artwork anymore, since in every rant it just boils down to “I should do better.” I guess I’ll only really comment when a comic turns out horribly. How about that?

On to anime. I mentioned Umineko two weeks ago, and since the first arc has ended I figure I’d bring it up again. I haven’t gotten around to reading the original (visual) novel, so I don’t know how exactly things go down, but the end of that first arc was a bit of a let down. I’m usually forgiving towards what people dub as the “anime ending”, mostly because I watch shows more for the strength of the characters, directorial work and animation. Plot only really comes into the equation when it overshadows the characters due to how involved it is (a la Death Note) and Umineko was shaping up to be one of these affairs. As such, I was a touch let down by the way the first arc ended, as it didn’t do much to really tie the murder mystery up in an interesting way. It’s not like I hate the show now, but for an anime in which plot is the only thing going for it (the animation is pretty muddy) it’s a bit of a downer.

Keeping with the theme of the sea, Umi Monogatari is another show I’d like to talk about, but not in a devoted blog post. It’s a pretty interesting setup–the first episode alluded to it being some supernatural and slow slice of life show, but it’s actually a magical girl show. I think it’s a quite enjoyable and well put together production. The character designs are quite nice (I do appreciate how little the girls wear, and I miss Urin’s bikini) and are complemented by really smooth animation. Sato Junichi’s direction is slow but not the kind that puts me to sleep. The characters are amusing, and the story is a good excuse to have some creatively choreographed fight sequences in each episode. One thing I really like is the soundtrack, which is by Kure-nai composer Muramatsu Ken. It’s his typical jazzy, mostly piano driven stuff but more of the same from this man is not a bad thing. I still need to actually buy that Kure-nai OST. I mean… it’s fuckin’ awesome…

That’ll be it for this week. While I don’t have a comic made for next week, I have no excuse for there not be one since I’m out on my ass for the next two weeks. Sure I’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing before I head back to Amerikkka, but I’ll probably have time to sketch out a few more comics.

Have a good weekend, and don’t get caught in any timeloops. I hear they’re especially dangerous in August…