I could have bought the Japanese edition of Crash Bandicoot but…

…despite its awesome cover art, the only other things different from my US edition are the cut scenes along with the very few times the characters speak, and I can just watch that stuff on YouTube! It was however quite tempting at a nice 250 yen. In the end, though, I had to buy both Intelligent Qube and I.Q FINAL.

My love affair with this game started when I was a wee lad–around 10 or 11–and I constantly played the demo on a demo disc sent to me directly from the PLAYSTATION UNDERGROUND. I kept playing that demo for like… years. Never bought the game, though. Couldn’t find it anywhere. It wasn’t until around sophomore year in college that I played the game proper by way of emulation, and it was as brilliant as I remember it being. In fact, what prompted me to play the whole game was when I found out about its awesome musical score by way of bored Wikipedia surfing one night. Until I actually got around to finding an ISO for the game I just listened to the soundtrack over and over.

Just a little while ago I was wandering around the local BookOff to kill some time. I had never actually looked in the games section before (I don’t often play games) and decided to look specifically for old, cheap, Japanese PSX games. I found these and had no choice but to buy them. I.Q was 105 yen, and I.Q FINAL was 500.

Man, I don’t get what’s with me and Intelligent Qube. It’s just so… INTELLIGENT.