Comic Update: キョンくん、電話。

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This is the second Endless Eight related comic I had in mind. I really like it, even if the punchline is really corny. That probably just makes it better. At first I was just going to draw them on the train in different ways, but then I decided to parody Haruhi scenes after the first panel. Also I really wanted to draw a girl in a bikini.

The art is fine, I suppose. Awkward looking, but not horrible. I put more attention on the difference between colours in each panel to suggest the lighting situation in each, but they all didn’t turn out just as planned. Oh well.

Speaking of Endless Eight, that Yamamoto Yutaka guy is at Otakon right now, and at his panel he gave his 2 cents on the whole thing. I can’t repeat it, but if you know someone who was there, ask them about what he said. It’s not super interesting, but it’s neat to hear his view on all of this.

I really do hope they stop at the initially rumoured six episodes. The latest cycle had some really good animation, so that leads me to believe that they may be working their way up to a finale. It is a clever arc, but considering the nature of it, it does quite obviously get a bit repetitive. Also, one of my fears has been clearly realized during this arc–that is, not-so-hardcore fans jumping off of the wagon. I can’t blame them, but comments like “fuck this show” are just unintelligent and don’t do well to make it seem as if you know you’re on about. I’ve spoken to a few of my Japanese friends about it, and while they want it to end, they seem chill about the whole thing.

I’ve been watching Umineko No Naku Koro Ni on the recommendation of a friend who lives in the same guest house as I do. Some people have been pooh-poohing this show all over the net saying that either the game is better, or the whole affair is just stupid, but I like it. The presentation is appropriately over the top, and the story is rather engaging. People have been getting on the show’s case for its animation, but I already knew going into this that it was Studio DEEN, so I’m not put off by it too much. In fact, this show looks fairly good for them! The colour palette is still rather bland, though. I kind of want to watch Higurashi now…

That’ll be all for this week. I have a comic planned and sketched for next week, but I’m not sure if it’s any good.