MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 16– Damn good to see you again, planet earth…


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On July the 7th, 2009, omo, a mysterious man known only as “Alex”, and myself attended the once-in-a-century concert “Super Dimensional Tanabata Sonic” put on by Kanno Yoko and the Seatbelts. However, the podcast that was produced is mostly about the new Eva movie, and really unfocused rants about the concert. That’s just how we roll, here!

We also review Pepsi Shiso, and I eat a Chocolate Cornet.

For those afraid of spoilers, we do spoil the end of Eva 2.0, so when we say SPOILERS, skip to around the 19 minute mark and all should be good.

Some photos.



  • Opening Narration– “Introduction” by Shigeaki Saegusa, from the Zeta Gundam soundtrack
  • Opening Song– “What Planet Is This?” by Kanno Yoko and Seatbelts
  • Ending Song– “Want It All Back” by Yamane Mai
  • Closing Message– “SF Game Center” by Kanno Yoko
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10 Responses to MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 16– Damn good to see you again, planet earth…

  1. omo says:

    that SHISO flavor grows on you like weeds!

  2. Soulshift says:

    I was in the arena C5 block, but I didn’t manage to spot any of you guys. In any case, it was a great concert all round. Eva 2.0 was pretty rad too though Mari felt a bit tacked on. Maybe the next movie will fill in her story a little.

  3. omo says:

    C5 block wasn’t that big! How did we miss each other…

  4. wah says:

    I don’t think anyone knows what I look like.

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  6. sheentaku says:

    Actually Wah there is pictures of you on Dannychoo website, if you want i can show you them


    I kind of feel like a internet stalker now.

    Also there is Youtube video’s of you singing Negima karaoke.
    I would say your as inFamous as Daryl Surat now

  7. wah says:

    I edited your three comments together. Double posting is fine, but triple posting is a no-no. Remember that.

    I don’t mind pictures or videos of me on the internet, I just don’t want any of them on my site.

  8. omo says:

    Listened to the podcast, some comments:
    1. Uh, lol.
    2. Tim Jansen is the bald guy, not Steve. I got them confused. Tim is the one in the promo videos and he’s the guy who appears for Tank. Steve has a lot of hair.
    3. I didn’t even know the recorder was running after the show, lol.

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