Plastic Army–Japan Front

I know THE FIRST THING that’s coming to your mind is, “But wah, you already own that Kaede figure.” And to this quite understandable query, I will reply with this–that Kaede figure was the first PVC I ever got, and as such I didn’t know how to take care of it, so I left it in the sun for an extended period of time, and it got bent up. I tried to fix it up, but my mortal hands can only do so much. I saw the same figure in Mandarake for 1200 yen, so I figured I may as well buy it.

With that matter taken care of, I bet you are now wondering, “But wah, you don’t like Rei! Why do you have a figure of her in a bikini?” Well, see, my friend found that figure on the street. Literally. Standing straight up on the street, right out side of club Sega. I offered him 1000 yen for it.

Her tummy is soft!

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8 Responses to Plastic Army–Japan Front

  1. VZMK2 says:

    Oh God! Is that the Comic LO figure?

  2. HechEff says:

    I see that the Deskspace-cleaners have started growing nicely…

  3. Kusanagiryu says:

    I see a never before seen picture of Kaede in the background. DO WANT!

  4. marmar04 says:

    awesome comic lo figure!

  5. HechEff says:

    Wait, WAH… do you think they have the power to multiply if kept in a specific culture overnight?

  6. GS says:

    May i ask what the hell is that disturbing litle figure in the middle

  7. HechEff says:

    @ GS: God Gundam?

  8. Kitty says:

    Such a cute Kaede Fuyou mousepad!! She looks so sweet as a catgirl! I also love Kaede, because she is the most sweetest anime girl out there! On my YouTube channel, if you have an account, Personal mesage or email me for a petition to get all of the Shuffle! games out to America!!