Evangelion 2.0: Prelude to Terror

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4 Responses to Evangelion 2.0: Prelude to Terror

  1. e-jump says:

    I hope you enjoyed your EVA2.0 session.
    The rest of the world wont be seeing it anytime soon

  2. Dr. Who says:

    Is that some melon soda to go along with the melon pan? Check your blood sugar level soon after that recent splurge. I can safely estimate that the small soda you purchased at the movie theater concession ran well above nineteen thousand dollars.

    I am well aware you are being bankrolled on this trip by none other than Studio Bones, just keep your excess to a comfortable minimum.

  3. argiopeweb says:

    Nineteen thousand dollars? Even at 19k yen that would have it costing ~$190 USD… I somehow get a feeling that no one would pay that much for a drink, even at an Evangelion showing.

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