Comic Update: Let’s We Are Enjoying Good Law-Men Times

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Throughout most of these comics, Tina is the straight man, while Rets plays the fool, but every now and then I like to switch it around, resulting in Tina being even more ruined than Rets could ever hope to be. I personally haven’t seen grotesque BL (haven’t seen much BL at all, really) but I’m sure at least ONE BOOK must exist. Tina has alluded to having a violent personality beneath her cute clothes and smiles, but I think this is the first time she’s every really expressed an interest in guro.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the artwork. The lines looked fine on paper, but something got lost in translation. The sunset effect is fine, I guess. Oh, and I’d just like to mention that otaku girls in Japan do dress pretty similar to how Tina does, surprisingly enough. I guess she’s not all that unrealistic after all!

June 27th is now coming to an end in Japan, and by now a good part of the nation has seen Eva 2.0, and so have I! Here’s my review! I won’t write much about it here aside from the fact that it’s very, very, very good. Way better than the previous movie. Fly to Japan to watch it! I dare you!

The new Haruhi is finally under way. It made a pretty big splash with its one self-contained time-traveling adventure, and has now moved on to what will probably be a three episode story arc. I think this current story arc is fine, but not the best the series has to offer. I like it, but I hope it’s resolved in some awesome way. At least the outfits are awesome. Especially Mikuru’s! Ah, she’s so cute. Thank you, KyoAni. Thank you.

That was a little longer than previous weeks, but I’m all anime’d out after that Eva reivew. I was planning on even doing a Shin Mazinger post today, but that’ll have to wait. Until next time!