Nine years closer to death

I’m 21, which makes me nine years closer to death according to Daryl Surat’s “30 is the otaku expiration date” theory.

I went out a with buddy to Akiba. We hit up Mandarake and Coscha. Apparently it was sukumizu day. Again. When I came in I was like “wow, it’s sukumizu day…AGAIN”, and the maid was line “YES, SUKUMIZU DAY (v sign)”


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28 Responses to Nine years closer to death

  1. schneider says:

    I like sukumizu a lot. Don’t ask me why.

    Wow, didn’t know I’m just two days older than you!

  2. omo says:

    happy birthday old man.

  3. mt-i says:

    Happy birthday! (judging from the loot, you really had one)

    Wasn’t 30 the age at which you can become a magician, by the way? ww

  4. kagonorio says:

    mmmffffffffffff Takamichi Love Works! TAKAMICHI PRINTS! Did they have those on sale?

    DO WANT.

    Also, Happy B-day \\O//

  5. sheentaku says:

    happy birthday man

  6. wah says:

    There was for some reason a copy of Takamichi Love Works that was 200 yen cheaper than all the others, and came with some extra stuff. I have no IDEA why, but I bought it because it seemed like a good deal. And it was!

    And if anyone is wondering about that old Megami issue–it has a Tsukuyomi poster in it. Not the one I WANT, but a good one.

  7. Cage says:

    Happy Birthday, wah

  8. Yoneda says:

    Did you take that picture in secret or why is that plate half-empty already? Looks like you had to wait for a chance while eating. I’m aware that taking pictures of the maids is a serious offense but I didn’t know that taking pictures of the food was forbidden as well…

  9. You live in a land of kings. Happy Birthday.

  10. kransom says:

    that LO cover is so awesome, too bad you cant bring it to americaww

  11. Keideki says:

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Koji Oe says:


    Although, waste of money imo. You could have found all those online. You should have bought better gifts for yourself.

    Also, there is a Mandarake in Akiba? I never saw it, or maybe I did but never noticed. Oh well doesn’t really matter since it was only AFTER I got back from my first trip to Akiba did I ever notice that Nagoya had all the same damn stores making going to Akiba pointless. I guess it’s about the atmosphere…

  13. moyism says:

    Happy bday man! Enjoy the last 9 years you have to live…!?

  14. Ryoko says:


    Also, I want to take this opportunity to wish you the absolute best of luck on getting all of that shit into the US.
    Also, Comic LO. God, I envy you.
    Also, you can’t have too much sukumizu. You just can’t.

  15. tomoyo says:

    Daryl is full of shit as usual, says this hard-core otaku born around the time the Beatles broke up and just after we started putting men on the moon. He’d probably say I don’t fit the definition, since I live a productive life and am not the hikky I once was, but the truth of the matter is I consume more anime and manga than ever before and have more merch than my place really has room for. And I know others who are doing the same. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not nearly halfway done yet, with any luck…

    Looks like you’re well on your way. Keep on otakkin’ XD

    Sukumizu FTW, too.

  16. wah says:

    Plate is half empty because it only dawned on me that I could photograph it when it has half-eaten. I asked the maid, she said yes, all was peachy keen and golden.

    I have most of things I’m buying as data, but I like physical copies more than digital copies. I only use the digital copies as previews before I’m able to buy the real thing, more or less.

    If you listen to AWO there’s a sharp dichotomy between when Daryl is joking and when he’s not. The Otaku Expiration Date is just a running gag, made especially funny because Daryl will be 30 in just 9 months. You really shouldn’t take a lot of what he says seriously.

    Anyway, thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone.

  17. Shinpachi says:

    Happy belated birthday, though it’s still the 4th here, and awesome haul.

  18. BrendantheJedi says:

    Happy Birthday, Wildarms.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I did a double-take at the number “3” on the Kojika DVD on the bed before realizing it was the TV series. Your ad on the right of this page is conveniently reminding me that the OVA vol.3 cover is green.

    Anyway, I’m 34, so I guess add me to the list of survivors.
    And yes, I can use magic.

  20. EcureuilMatrix says:

    When do we start calling you ero-oji-san?

    (Joyeux anniversaire IN JAPAN, you rascal you.)

    (Takamichi Works, damnit!)

  21. k. says:

    Happy birthday! I only wish it had been sukumizu day when I turned 21. Perhaps I’ll be luckier next year…

  22. crownhalfmoonjesus says:

    When you were at Mandarake, did you happen to see that Saki/Akagi dojin you mentioned last time?

  23. wah says:

    This was Akiba Mandarake, not Nakano. I think I saw something with a similar cover, but I couldn’t read the title. If I head back to Nakano anytime soon and it’s still there I’ll pick it up.

  24. TheBigN says:

    lol sukumizu.

    Again, hope you had an awesome birthday. :P

  25. lastarial says:

    Happy belated birthday!

  26. tomoyo says:

    Ah, well I guess I’m still riled up by his past moephobic writings. >_>

    Oh! Have you seen THIS yet?

    The chapter with Shuichi Ikeda auditioning for Amuro and becoming Char is total win.

  27. wah says:

    Just read that last night. Shit’s awesome.

  28. The_Third_One says:

    But the creepy 40-ish year old otakus are the best!