June 2009

Asura Cryin’: The entertaining part has kind of gone away and now it’s just bad. If this episode I have sitting here doesn’t blow my mind I’ll drop it, even if I am past the point of no return.
Dragon Ball Kai: I guess I should feel embarrassed about this or something, but this recut reminds me that shounen fight anime can be good when all the characters don’t look like emo J-rock stars. I should probably watch Hokuto no Ken though.
Hatsukoi Limited: While this started off pretty slowly, it has since developed into a good–but throwaway– high school romcom.
Hayate no Gotoku!!: I kind of wrote 700 words about what’s wrong with this, but to keep it short: J.C. Staff doesn’t know what creativity is.
Higashi no Eden: What a weird show.
K-ON!: Not BREAKING MY FACE, but a well executed, heartful and entertaining high school comedy with a unique musical twist.
Natsu no Arashi!: I’m still not quite sure if it’s consistently entertaining, and it is pretty noticeably cheap, but it’s a nice calm before the storm which’ll be… Bakemonogatari. Well, I guess Natsu no Arashi! IS the storm, if one is to take the title into consideration. Also, best opening song of the season. Maybe best ending song, too.
Saki: There’s doujin where all the dudes from Akagi fuck all the girls from this show. It’s WEIRD, dude.
Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen on television: Really wish this had a budget/real opening. But stuff always happens, so it’s cool.
Sora Kake Girl: Watching it on TV, am somewhat behind on subs. Episode 23 looks nuts!
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu re-air: Wow some of those random comments don’t seem so random anymore.