June 2009

Asura Cryin’: The entertaining part has kind of gone away and now it’s just bad. If this episode I have sitting here doesn’t blow my mind I’ll drop it, even if I am past the point of no return.
Dragon Ball Kai: I guess I should feel embarrassed about this or something, but this recut reminds me that shounen fight anime can be good when all the characters don’t look like emo J-rock stars. I should probably watch Hokuto no Ken though.
Hatsukoi Limited: While this started off pretty slowly, it has since developed into a good–but throwaway– high school romcom.
Hayate no Gotoku!!: I kind of wrote 700 words about what’s wrong with this, but to keep it short: J.C. Staff doesn’t know what creativity is.
Higashi no Eden: What a weird show.
K-ON!: Not BREAKING MY FACE, but a well executed, heartful and entertaining high school comedy with a unique musical twist.
Natsu no Arashi!: I’m still not quite sure if it’s consistently entertaining, and it is pretty noticeably cheap, but it’s a nice calm before the storm which’ll be… Bakemonogatari. Well, I guess Natsu no Arashi! IS the storm, if one is to take the title into consideration. Also, best opening song of the season. Maybe best ending song, too.
Saki: There’s doujin where all the dudes from Akagi fuck all the girls from this show. It’s WEIRD, dude.
Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen on television: Really wish this had a budget/real opening. But stuff always happens, so it’s cool.
Sora Kake Girl: Watching it on TV, am somewhat behind on subs. Episode 23 looks nuts!
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu re-air: Wow some of those random comments don’t seem so random anymore.

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9 Responses to June 2009

  1. Orange says:

    I have to admit to myself (at last), I don’t like K-ON. I was really hyped after first episode that at last there’s going to be a good music anime that isn’t Beck.

    Now it’s just girls eating cake. And it seems that exact joke just took over the whole damn show, so the comedy just isn’t doing it either.
    It’s not that every episode just has to be some sort of magical musical performance, but Jesus Christ. Moeblob is all I can say.

  2. BearBuddy says:

    I agree with most of your assessments here. I actually quite liked Dragon Ball Kai for old time’s sake. It’s corny and cheesy as hell, but there’s plenty of childhood memory in that show. Since they condensed it quite a bit, the series is able to grab a hold of my attention long enough for me to continue to watch it. If it had simply been a re-airing of the original series, my attention span would have expired 3 episodes in.

    I’ll also have to agree with Orange. While not particularly liking or disliking K-On, I found that K-On is telling of where KyoAni is heading. As Haruhi had so profoundly stated while holding out the Shuffle! magazine, it’s all about the “moe”, and KyotoAnimation’s adaptation choices have certainly been a reflection of that. In Bamboo Leaf’s Rhapsody, I noticed that the characters got shorter in comparison to the first season of Haruhi. In general, KyoAni is taking up work with slice of life and moe characters.

    My point? I’m a huge fan of Full Metal Panic! With the metamorphosis of KyoAni, it seems that the possibility of a continuation is declining with time. With KyoAni’s zeal to follow the original work, I hope one last season of FMP can be squeezed in before KyoAni change altogether.

  3. Marco says:

    I was ploanning on trying K-On but if what i’m rading is corrct and the show is nothing more than moe opandering then to hell with it, I’ll just wait for something actually interesting like a Kaiji season 2.

  4. wah says:

    Jeeze, realize the blog you’re posting on guys.

    What’s with the moe bashing? Honestly…

  5. crownhalfmoonjesus says:

    Where did you find that dojinshi with AkagixSaki? The concept alone is enough to interest me.

  6. wah says:

    I found it in Mandarake. Didn’t buy it.

  7. crownhalfmoonjesus says:

    Ah, damn, a friend of mine really wanted to see those girls fucked over, literally and figuratively. Do you happen to remember the name of the dojin?

  8. wah says:

    I can go back and check. It’s all in Yapperknees so I probably won’t be able to remember/read it

  9. VZMK2 says:

    I’ve been enjoying K-On, Saki, Hasukoi and DBK.