Comic Update: Nothing Will Be As It Was

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Ok, ok, I’ll concede–this comic is based off of real experiences. Yes, that doujin event is the Hayate only event I went to, and yes, I did really forget to bring a bag. However, in my case, a friend of mine was kind of enough to lend me his bag from Comitia, held the day before. Even so, I wanted to contemplate the ramifications of one forgetting to bring his bag, and thusly this comic was made. I also wanted to give Hikki some more comic time, since he should probably be used as much as possible while the characters are in Japan. As you can see, their relationship is terrible even in real life.

I think the artwork is pretty middle of the road, but gets a bit too wonky in the last two panels. Sorry about that.

Uncensored version is here, but the censored one is funnier, I think. I hate to steal artwork, but I figure since I already stole the event’s catalog cover illustration, I may as well use a real doujin cover. I was going to use my own erotic illustrations, but I decided against it for the sake of all of us. While Miyagoe was not as the event, I wanted to use his Dance Club Sanzenin cover since it’s pretty upfront about how porny it is, so I felt it’d be best.

I really have nothing more to say, so I’m cutting it off here this week. I already have next week’s comic done, so you can expect that with a 100% chance of certainty. I think it actually looks not crappy.